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Latest YouTube

We have a  number of new videos on our YouTube channel and will be adding even more in the coming weeks. 

If you haven't been there lately, take some time to check it out.


Winter Meeting

Our next meeting will be hosted at the Hunterdon County Echo Hill Lodge, December 5th, 2015.  We'll have our annual holiday party to close out the year.  We decided to postpone our November meeting because things got too close to Thanksgiving. We'll cover that meeting topic when we come back in January.

Winter officially starts December 21st but we've already had our first frost and a number of cold days. Hopefully your bees are fat and your hives are heavy. There might be a few warm days to come and everyone should have their mouse guards on and hives in winter preparation.

Keep an eye out for an email with announcements and details for the December meeting.


County Fairs - Thank You

The Hunterdon  and Warren County Fairs are behind us.  Both fairs were well represented and we so appreciate our fair volunteers.  We especially appreciate our fair coordinators: Greg, Charley, Jim, Stan & Fran and all the ones behind the scenes that served as the core of our volunteer effort.

We did a special event at the Hunterdon fair with bee beards for the ABF Honey Princess and a few of our members.

Click here to see a photo album of some of the Hunterdon Fair Shots.

  • Preplan visit in May
  • Walking the grounds
  • The preplan crew
  • Prepping the bees
  • Secured for the ride
  • Safe and sound in Basking Ridge
  • Loaded up and ready to go
  • Rick getting the A/V setup going
  • The registration and 50/50 crew
  • Breakfast pastries
  • Kevin, Brian, and Charley planning parking
  • Tom Fuscaldo coming in
  • Abbe and Beth enjoying breakfast
  • Vendors getting staged
  • Kevin Inglin welcomes everyone
  • Speaker Tim Schuler NJ State apiarist takes the stage
  • Tim presenting the apiarist report and winter death loss stats
  • Setting up David for his session
  • Packed house listens in
  • Speaker Dr David Tarpy
  • Speaking on the Benefits of Genetic Diversity
  • Diversity is like flipping a coin
  • Taking Questions
  • Networking during a break
  • Tom and Nancy catching up
  • No doubt, getting some good advice
  • One on one with David for questions
  • Time to chat
  • Outside they were getting things prepped
  • Twitter feed followed the action all day
  • Janet starting the NJBA business portion of the meeting
  • Let's get outside!
  • More of the vendor area
  • More of the vendor area
  • Soriano's catered the lunch
  • Lunch time
  • Plenty of seats under the pavillion
  • Settling in for lunch and networking
  • Demonstrating a robbing screen
  • Showing the swarm vacuum system
  • Jim McCauley gets prepped for the Frame Game
  • Beekeeping books station
  • Preview a book before you buy
  • Bob Kloss at the Gadget Garage
  • The table was packed with gadgets
  • Gadget garage honey comb jars
  • Queen castle station
  • Kevin and David discussing fishing techniques
  • Prepping the queen for flight
  • Charley and Jim were manning the lines
  • Dave helps with the fishing expeditionGave advice to walk the tree lines to find the drone congregation areas.
  • It looks like Charley has a
  • Uh Oh!The queen cage slipped out of the net and came to rest on this pine tree branch.
  • Secured it again and went back for more
  • It was a beautiful day to go fishing
  • We attracted some drones!Its hard to see but we did get some drones in the net. Not a ton, but at least we didn't' get skunked.
  • This simply was just a lot of fun
  • While that was going on...A big crowd gathers for the live bee demonstration
  • Stan Wasitowski provides his expertise on hive inspections
  • Whats in the hivePassing frames around for a more direct look
  • A chance to get up right into the hive
  • and direct hands on
  • Answering questions
  • Splits and nucs demonstration
  • Locating the queen for safe keeping
  • Vendor Brushy Mountain
  • Vendor Blueberry Wood Apiary - Leightons
  • Morgan family selling mite shakers
  • Fischer's Bee Quick and other products
  • Mann Lake - Knows bees and how to have a good time!
  • Wrapping things up outside
  • David takes the stage one more time
  • 50-50 winners donated prize back to NWNJBA
  • Time for door prizesJanice won a gift basket
  • The Clines won a swarm trap
  • Happy door prize winners
  • and some more...
  • Greg Blackwood won the Garden Hive
  • Thanks to Tim Schuler
  • Some of our volunteers
  • Stan and David Wasitowski
  • Time to pack up and go home
  • Some of our volunteers reflect on a job well done
  • We took David to sample some Jersey Mead

June NJBA Meeting Recap

Northwest hosted the state meeting on June 6th in Basking Ridge NJ. 

The day was a huge success and we want to thank our featured speakers - David Tarpy and Tim Schuler. 

 We also want to thank our volunteers and the exec. team from NJBA for the assistance in presenting the meeting.  We will be presenting some memories from the meeting and the presentations when we get some time to produce them.

We also want to credit our photographers.  Maria Kauzmann took most of the photos.  Additional images were captured by Sharon and Kevin Inglin.  Great Job Everyone! 

We've refreshed our Gadget Garage Page.

Solar Wax Melters, Swarm Traps, Hive stands, Mite Shakers and more. Do you have a little DIY in you? Check it out and send us pictures of what you're making in your garage. 

You can also share ideas that others have provided by posting to our Facebook page.

Front Page Calendar Indicator

Click here to see our Branch Calendar of Events.

NWNJBA Gadget Garage

Visit our gadget garage.  This is a collection of different equipment items and techniques that you can use for beekeeping. Swarm devices, waters, hive stands and more.
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Youth Scholarships

The New Jersey Beekeepers Association offers scholarships to youth who have an interest in beekeeping. If you would like to know more about the program click the link below
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The NJ Swarm Report

NWNJBA supports the New Jersey Swarm Report. Visit the page to see information about swarms being reported all over NJ. More information is available at the website.

NWNJBA Newsletters

View the latest Northwest Buzz NWNJBA Newsletters and preview our newsletter archive. The newsletter is released quarterly.
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