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Northwest New Jersey Beekeepers Association

A branch of the New Jersey Beekeepers Association serving Hunterdon and Warren Counties

Welcome to the Northwest New Jersey Beekeeper's Association

We are dedicated to promoting the general interest in the support of bee culture.  Our branch, made up of 100+ members primarily serves Hunterdon and Warren Counties.  We are one of the ten branches of the New Jersey Beekeepers Association.

NWNJBA March Meeting Fri. 3/23

Microscope Use in the Apiary

Guest Speaker Lorette Cheswick will be leading us through an exploration of bees via Microscopes


- Lorette Cheswick - Microscopes
- Honey Tasting
- Spring Management
- Question and Answers / Calendar Review

Date: Friday, March 23rd
Time: 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Location: Hunterdon County Library
Meeting Room A
Address: 314 State Route 12, Flemington NJ 08822

Program Overview

Our March meeting will be getting to know beekeepign at a microscopic level.  There is so much to be learned on hygenic behavior or reading the refuse on a bottom board and other topics.  Lorette will lead some sessions and have microscopes available for use.

Come explore the power of looking at the surroundings of a hive at the microscopic level.  Also, if you have somethings you want to look at, bring them along.  

We'll also have some other topics to cover and we're willint to answer questions for anyone in attendence.

Honey Tasting

March Honey Tasting
For the month of March we continue our honey tasting program.  We will have some honey of different flavors and from different locales.

Hunterdon County
Rt. 12 Library

Building A Meeting Space

GPS Street Address:  314 State Route 12, Flemington NJ

From the Flemington Area:
- Take Route 12 west from the Route 202 circle for 2.4 miles. 
- The county complex will be on your left at the top of the hill.
- Upon entering the complex, building 1 is the building on the right with the angled roof and mock silo in front.

From the Clinton Area:
- Take Route 31 south 9.1 to the Route 202 Flemington Cirlce.  From the cirlce proceed on Route 12 west for 2.4 miles.

- The county complex will be on your left at the top of the hill.
- Upon entering the complex, building 1 is the building on the right with the angled roof and mock silo in front.



Supply Some Water!

"Bee" good neighbors. Late January and early February is the right time to put water out for bees. A simple bucket with corks or styrofoam peanuts floating in the water will do. Put the bucket a little ways (100 feet or so is a common recommendation) away from the bees so they can discover them. Drill some holes in the sides of the bucket so the water will not overflow when it rains..

Why Now?
As bees start to find some warm days they'll be out in search of water to bring back to the hive. They will need the water to dilute honey to feed to new bees.  Give them a desireable spot now to find water on your property before they discover someone elses.
Why should you put "floaties" in the bucket?
Simple, bees don't like to get their 'feet wet. It gives them something to land on and sip in the water. 




To Visit the continuing coverage of the NJ Dept. of Ag. Regulations activities > GO HERE!

NEW! Assemblyman Ronald Dancer and Senator Jeff Van Drew
Sponsor Concurrent Resolutions in Opposition to the 

Proposed Beekeeping Rules

February 2, 2018Assemblyman Ronald S. Dancer (R-LD12) and Senator Jeff Van Drew (D-LD1) have sponsored Concurrent Resolutions in opposition to the proposed beekeeping resolutions as "inconsistent with the intent of the Legislature" stating that unless the rules are amended or withdrawn within 30 days, they will seek to invalidate the rules.

The Assembly version is ACR101 and can be found at http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/2018/Bills/ACR/101_I1.PDF

It is co-sponsored by Asm. Bob Andrzjeczak, Asm. Vincent Mazzeo and Asm. John Armato.

The Senate version is SCR83, sponsored by Sen. Jeff Van Drew and should be available on the legislature's website shortly at http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/bills/BillsByNumber.asp.

It is important to contact your legislators and urge them to support these Concurrent Resolutions.

If you do not know your member of the New Jersey Senate or Assembly, click here.

The Department of Agriculture at their Board Meeting on January 24, 2018 stated that they had received 1,000 comments during the public comment period.

NJDA Comment Window

Is now closed....
Thanks for the Comments 
This was the most important thing to do!

The comment period is closed but there are still ways to show support. 

Contact your representatives
Let them know you do not agree

Make sure you local representatives - town council, state repsentatives - know about proposed regulations and that you do not approve of them. Ask them to oppose them and express that the regulations should be withdrawn and rewritten
See the GET THE WORD OUT information in the RESOURCES Section below. 

Tell Others
Make sure everyone knows and helps

Tell anyone you know to contact their representatives and ask that the regulations be withdrawn and rewritten.  Tell them of the impact and ask them to voice a concern. Everyone has a stake in this. Share on social media.   

Be good Beekeepers!
Understand the underlying message

Beekeepers do a great job.  Still, we need to support each other and make sure we are all up to speed on proper beekeeping practice and most of all being good neighbors.


This is one of the many stories providing coverage about the
regulations proposal offered by the NJ Department of Agriculture.

 1/3/2018 > Beekeepers Stung by New Regulations
Author Mark Di Ionno



The Officers of NWNJBA

Meet the officers of the NWNJBA.

Jim McCaulley is the NWNJBA President (second from right). Serving as first VP is Jim Schmalz (far left), J. David Waldman is the second VP (far right). Third VP is Paul Szmaida (4th from left). Barbara Hill (third from left) is our branch treasurer and Eda Schmalz (second from left) serves as the associations secretary.

In addition to the board, Mim Dunne serves as the Membership Chair and Bob Kloss oversees public relations. 

Honey Locator

Where to find local honey in your area

Looking for a source of fresh local honey?  Visit our honey locator web page to find out how to obtain local honey near you in New Jersey.

Hive Placement Requests

For those who want bees on their property.

We recieve many requests for hive placement offers on properties.  Visit to learn how to make a request and to see what is available.

Swarm Capture & Bee Removals

Working with someone to remove a swarm.

Information to identify a honey bee swarm and report it for collection and removal.  Services are also available for removal from structures.

Bee/Insect Identification

Identifying insects you'll encounter in NJ

How to tell if it is a honey bee or something else.  Learn about common insect types found in our area; their nesting habits and other information.

2017 Dec. Meeting Photos

Some shots from our December 2017 End of Year meeting and Holiday get together. 

2017 Hunterdon and Warren Fairs

Case Residence Meeting - in the Rain!.  Thanks to Tim Schuler for making the trip.
Honey Extraction, Honey Judging, Apiary and Cathedral Hive review, and good food :-) Photos from Kevin Inglin

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