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Warren County Fair Upcoming

warren county fair promo

The Warren County Fair is fast approaching. Plans for Northwest's annual public participation is underway and the fair will be running from July 30th - August 6th, 2016.

Fair Volunteers
Core to Northwest's participation is support from the membership to staff the booth and provide community education through interactions and demonstrations.  Northwest has setup a "MySignup" page for members to see volunteer time slots. 

Click here to see available times and to volunteer.

Additional information for Northwest Members on the honey show and volunteering will be posted here in early July and be communicated through Northwest's Constant Contact.  Questions concerning activities for the fair can be directed to Greg and Charley.

Warren County Fair Honey Contest Rules

Rules and Regulations

1.      Exhibits may be delivered to Chairman or any board member by Friday July 29th.
2.      Exhibits may not be removed from Fairgrounds display before last day of fair.
3.      Honey must be produced by a paid member of the NJ Beekeepers Association and there may be only one entry per class for any one apiary.
4.      Only one entry per Apiarist per class.
5.      Mead products must contain honey produced by entrant.  All classes are to have no labels.
6.      Honey entries will be judged on Monday on the following basis:

Analytical Moisture Content (%)
- 15 to 17%          20 points
- 17.1 to 18.0       18 points
- 18.1 to 18.6       15 points
- >18.6                  0 points  

- Absence of Defects, e.g.: wax, lint, foam. etc.       20 points
- Flavor                                                                        10  points
- Aroma                                                                       10 points
- Clarity: free of suspended particles like pollen
    or other suspended solids. Air bubbles          20 points
- Container appearance & cleanliness                      10 points
- Container Uniform fill                                             10 points

Total Points……..100 points  

Additional Rules and Information about the Warren County Fiar and Honey Show are available on the Warren County Fair Page.



NJSwarm Report

Have you been following the New Jersey Swarm Report?  It's been a very active year.  Follow the action at and if you see a swarm, please report it.



Summer Schedule

Our 2016 Calendar is posted.  Visit our calendar page to see what we have on tap for you this year.  Here is the preliminary view of the first half of the schedule.

bullet July 25th | Richard Stockton University
Eastern Apiculture Society Meeting - NJ

bullet July 30th | Warren County Fairgrounds
Warren County Farmers Fair

bullet Aug 24th | Hunterdon County Fairgrounds
Hunterdon County 4H & Agricultural Fair

bullet Aug 30th | Rutgers Synder Research Farm
Great Tomato Tasting Event

bullet Sept 17th | Leary Residence - Warren Cty.
NWNJBA Picnic and Hands On Meeting

Hive Monitoring System

We are excited to share that the NWNJBA has approved and will be implementing an Arnia Hive Monitoring System.  Additional information about the system and its use will be shared once it is procured, setup, and operational.


Membership Renewals

NWJBA will be sending final notices about membership renewals.  Those who have not renewed can still renew via our registration process.  Those who do not respond to our final renewal request will be assumed to be dropping from our roles and will no longer receive updates and communications from NWNJBA.

 Please take the time to renew if you wish to remain a member

Facebook - Daily Posts

Our plan this year is to post an article a day. Each day we'll comb the web for something to share with you. Check out a Facebook page at:


Beekeeping Training

Check out our Beekeeping Education page if you are looking to get a start in beekeeping in 2016.  You can also check out our Getting Stared in Beekeeping Guide.


 Swarm Trap Jib

Preview of a Hive trap and raising/lowering Jib to place hive traps into a tree.

 Making Lip Balm

How to make Mocha Mint Beeswax Lip Balm.

Alcohol Wash

New Jersey State Apiarist Tim Schuler demonstrates why to use this for mites.

Almond Bread

NW President Kevin Inglin shows you how to substitute honey for Sugar in this recipe.


 Stiles Apiaries

Grant Stiles talks about beekeeping sustainability with Nucleus Colonies.

Gardner Apiaries

Mike Gardner from Gardner Apiaries on the Package and Queen Business.


NWNJBA Gadget Garage

Visit our gadget garage.  This is a collection of different equipment items and techniques that you can use for beekeeping. Swarm devices, waters, hive stands and more.
Read More>>

Youth Scholarships

The New Jersey Beekeepers Association offers scholarships to youth who have an interest in beekeeping. If you would like to know more about the program click the link below
Read More>>

The NJ Swarm Report

What is the New Jersey Swarm Report? Visit the page to see information about swarms being reported all over NJ. More information is available at the website.

NWNJBA Newsletters

View the latest Northwest Buzz NWNJBA Newsletters and preview our newsletter archive. The newsletter is released quarterly.
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