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Thank you so much to the Northwest members and other beekeepers around the state for continuing to support the work of the NJBA. See the message from NJBA president Janet Katz to the right. Now to the Governor!


June 29th - From NJBA president Janet Katz...  

All three beekeeping bills were approved by the New Jersey Senate today!

I was able to thank Senators Van Drew and Oroho immediately following the vote. Senator Van Drew remarked that he was surprised at the number of comments he had received on the bills.

Another Senator remarked on the half-pound jars of honey with the "Jersey Fresh" sticker that each of the Senators found in their drawers on the Senate floor.

The next hurdle will the governor's signature. I will keep everyone posted.

The following bills are scheduled for a vote in the New Jersey State Senate on June 29th:

A1294 / S1328
(Dancer / Space / Andrzejczak / Van Drew / Oroho)
- Extends Right to Farm Act protections to commercial beekeepers, with some restrictions.  

A1295 / S1975
(Dancer / Space / Andrzejczak / Van Drew / Oroho)
- Establishes exclusive State regulatory authority over apiary activities and allows for delegation of monitoring and enforcement authority to municipalities.  

A1296 / S2302
(Dancer / Space / Caride / Van Drew)
- Establishes penalty for destruction of man-made native bee hive.

One thing matters June 29th!
Support the Senate Beekeeping Bills

We need EVERYONE to contact the Senate President, Senator Stephen M. Sweeney urging him to post the beekeeping bills (S1328, S1975, and S2302).

The New Jersey Beekeepers Association has worked tirelessly on this initiative and we must support our organization.  Please take action to contact your legislator and show them that beekeepers matter.

E-Mail or Call your Senator!

Go To: to find your Senator. Ask them to vote for these bills on Monday.

If you would like to read the full text of the bills, please go to> and enter the bill number.