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Northwest New Jersey Beekeepers Association

A branch of the New Jersey Beekeepers Association serving Hunterdon and Warren Counties

Welcome to the Northwest New Jersey Beekeeper's Association

We are dedicated to promoting the general interest in the support of bee culture.  Our branch, made up of 100+ members primarily serves Hunterdon and Warren Counties.  We are one of the ten branches of the New Jersey Beekeepers Association.



Posting - Proposed
Constitution & Bylaws Change

Review our proposed Constitution and Bylaw change to be reviewed at the Dec 2017 Meeting

Constitution and Bylaws Posting

The NWNJBA board is providing a revision to our association constitution and bylaws.  The premise of the change is to assure the constitution & bylaws aligns better with the state associtions constitution and bylaws, is current, and also reflects the way in which we operate.

The proposed changes are posted here for review. Any comments prior to association review can be directed to bylaw committee chair Charles Ilsley.

Constitution and Bylaw Proposal Review Documents

Three variants are provided to help you compare:

1. Link: The currently adopted constitution and bylaws: Link

2. Link: The new proposed constitution and bylaws with the former constitution and bylaws embedded for reference and comparison between old and new in the same document.

3. Link: The new proposed constitution and bylaws to be adopted sans any previous references to the currently adopted constitution and bylaws.

October Meeting

David Leary Residence
Saturday October 14th, 2017 11:00

Topic - Winterization and Fall Picnic

Cooler weather is setting in and it is time to consider the last 60 days to get your hives ready for winter bees. Come join us in the field as we button up NWNJBA hives and tell you what you need to know for fall and winter prep.

Date: Saturday October 14th, 2017

Time: 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Location: 230 Willow Grove Road, Stewartsville NJ 08886

See directions below

Leary Residence

Locust Grove Road, Stewartsville NJ Warren County

GPS Street Address:  230 WIllow Grove Road, Stewartsville NJ 08886

From the Flemington Area:
- Take Route 31 north 3.7 miles from the Flemington Circle.
- Make a right onto West Woodschurch Road.  
Once on West Woodschurch follow the appropriate option below*.  

Leary Residence Directions: From Route 31 take Route 78 to Exit 4 (Stewartsville/Warren Glen). Take a right at bottom of exit ramp and follow road to the blinking red light at center of town. In the center of town turn right at the blinking light and proceed up a slight hill watching for Willow Grove Rd on your right. Might a right onto Willow Grove Road and follow it to a "Y" in the road. Stay to the left at the "Y" and continue on Willow Grove Road for 4/10ths of a mile.   
 Don't Forget a lawn chair if you want one.for the mentoring yard.
*Sometimes the fields are too wet to park on and we will need to park within in the Deer path Park complex and walk into the mentoring hives.

Uncontrolled Varroa
= Dead Hives

It is likely that you will not be able to see the mites on your bees  like the one between the wings on this bee - but they are there!  It's August, have you checked for your mites yet? Want to be a successful beekeeper?  Heed this message and be proactive about mite treatments NOW.
Visit this video to learn how to do an alcohol wash

Upcoming State Events

Some things to see and do!

NJBA Annual Fall Meeting - Sussex

The fall meeting will feature speaker Jerry Hayes and Randy Oliver (via Skype).  

Date: September 30th
Location: Sparta high school, Sparta

Click HERE for details and to register

New Jersey Honey Show

Fall and winter are the best times to prep your honey and wares for the 2018 state honey show.  

Honey, candles, photos, and other categories proudly displayed in the state rotunda in Trenton.

More details will come as February approaches.

The Officers of NWNJBA

Meet the officers of the NWNJBA.

Jim McCaulley is the NWNJBA President (second from right). Serving as first VP is Jim Schmalz (far left), J. David Waldman is the second VP (far right). Third VP is Paul Szmaida (4th from left). Barbara Hill (third from left) is our branch treasurer and Eda Schmalz (second from left) serves as the associations secretary.

In addition to the board, Mim Dunne serves as the Membership Chair and Bob Kloss oversees public relations. 

Honey Locator

Where to find local honey in your area

Looking for a source of fresh local honey?  Visit our honey locator web page to find out how to obtain local honey near you in New Jersey.

Hive Placement Requests

For those who want bees on their property.

We recieve many requests for hive placement offers on properties.  Visit to learn how to make a request and to see what is available.

Swarm Capture & Bee Removals

Working with someone to remove a swarm.

Information to identify a honey bee swarm and report it for collection and removal.  Services are also available for removal from structures.

Bee/Insect Identification

Identifying insects you'll encounter in NJ

How to tell if it is a honey bee or something else.  Learn about common insect types found in our area; their nesting habits and other information.

2017 Hunterdon and Warren Fairs

Case Residence Meeting - in the Rain!.  Thanks to Tim Schuler for making the trip.
Honey Extraction, Honey Judging, Apiary and Cathedral Hive review, and good food :-) Photos from Kevin Inglin

2017 Sept. Meeting Photos

Previewed the clubs topbar hive, discussed winter prep of the langs while removing the apivar strips.  Demonstrated how to do a post treatment mite count (alcohol wash). Stan Wasitowski showed us how to use hopgard and how to arrange the hive for winter. Mark Higgins demonstrated an OA vaporizer. Reviewed what was blooming - asters, goldenrod and bonset, to name a few. And there was a Flow Hive for preview. 

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