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Northwest New Jersey Beekeepers Association

A branch of the New Jersey Beekeepers Association serving Hunterdon and Warren Counties

Welcome to the Northwest New Jersey Beekeeper's Association

We are dedicated to promoting the general interest in the support of bee culture.  Our branch, made up of 100+ members primarily serves Hunterdon and Warren Counties.  We are one of the ten branches of the New Jersey Beekeepers Association.

Responding to the NJDA
Proposed Regulations

The New Jersey Department of Agriculture has posted proposed updates to existing beekeeping regulations for adoption that will seriously impact the ability to keep bees in New Jersey

It is imperative that every beekeeper take the time to familiarize themselves with the proposed regulations and respond with comments by January 19th, 2018.

I Want To Help
What can I do?

The most important way you can help is to get the word out in opposition by commenting to the New Jersey Department of Agriculture.   Tell the DoA that you do not agree with the proposal and that you want them to properly collaborate with NJ Beekeepers to do what is right for beekeeping in the Garden State.

We have created a place on our site for the purpose of helping our members and the public learn and respond.

to respond to comments by 1/19/2018


This is one of the many stories providing coverage about the
regulations proposal offered by the NJ Department of Agriculture.

 1/3/2018 > Beekeepers Stung by New Regulations
Author Mark Di Ionno



NWNJBA 2018 January Meeting 1/26

Hands on Honey Prep:  

State Honey Chiar Cynthia Werts will be presenting about the State Honey Show coming up in February

Bring some honey and we will walk you through preparing jars for entry into the state honey show.


In preparation for the state honey show we will be coaching a live honey show preparation session.

Bring 4 jars of honey and we will all work to prep honey for the State Honey Show coming up in February.

> Black Label Honey Contest (4th Jar!)
> NJDA Regulations Topic - Update on latest
> Membership Renewal & 2018 Calendars for sale
- Q&A And we'll answer questions and enjoy some hospitality along the way

Date: Friday, January 26th
Time: 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Location: Hunterdon County Library
Complex Building 1 (1st building in front)
Address: 314 State Route 12, Flemington NJ 08822

Program Overview

Our January meeting will be dedicated to preparing honey for this show.

State Show Chair Cynthia Werts from NJBA will be on hand to guide us through the preparation.

You will need enough honey to fill three (3) jars.            A helpful tip; keeping your honey indoors in a warm area will aid in the filling of your jars at the meeting.

Also needed are three clean, empty jars and caps. Jars MUST be 1 pound glass, Classic Gambler or Queen Line.

If you do not have the proper jars, NW will have jars available for purchase. The rest will be done at the meeting. NW will arrange to transport your honey to and from the State show. This is a great opportunity to learn, first hand how to enter your honey in upcoming shows.

NJBA Honey Show

The NJBA Honey Show takes place at the State House in Trenton. This show offers great exposure for beekeeping in New Jersey. State representatives frequently walk by the cases. Spotting honey from their own district will remind them that beekeeping is an important part of their constituency.

Considering the proposed beekeeping regulations, NJBA would like a strong showing of honey at the State Show.

Black Label Tasting
For some added fun, we will be conducting a Black Label Tasting of our member's honey. If you would like to enter, bring a fourth jar of honey. This one should be filled. No labels or identification should be placed on the jar. Members will taste the honeys presented and vote on their favorite! A prize is to be rewarded to the lucky winner! Good Luck!

Hunterdon County
Rt. 12 Complex bldg. 1

Building 1, First Floor Meeting Space

GPS Street Address:  314 State Route 12, Flemington NJ

From the Flemington Area:
- Take Route 12 west from the Route 202 circle for 2.4 miles. 
- The county complex will be on your left at the top of the hill.
- Upon entering the complex, building 1 is the building on the right with the angled roof and mock silo in front.

From the Clinton Area:
- Take Route 31 south 9.1 to the Route 202 Flemington Cirlce.  From the cirlce proceed on Route 12 west for 2.4 miles.

- The county complex will be on your left at the top of the hill.
- Upon entering the complex, building 1 is the building on the right with the angled roof and mock silo in front.



From your friends at the 'department of things to do', a shared invite to a beekeeper meeting from our friends at Morris Somerset


Special Guest (Via Skype) David Tarpy

Special Invite for NJ Beekeepers

Join us on Friday, January 19th at the Martinsville Community Center from 7:00pm - 9:30pm. The community center is located at 1961 Washington Valley Road | Martinsville, NJ 08836-2012 | (directions). Refreshments will be served.

January Meeting Announcement:
Date: Friday, January 19, 2018
Location: Martinsville Community Center
Time: 7:00pm-9:30pm
Special Guest: Dr. David Tarpy, NC State University 

About the meeting

Our special guest, Dr. David Tarpy, will join us via Skype for a discussion of his latest research on queen bees and honey bee biology, as well as plenty of Q&A. Dr. Tarpy is an international known expert in his field and serves as Professor and Extension Apiculturist for the Department of Entomology & Plant Pathology at N.C. State University (website). Dr. Tarpy spends about two-thirds of his time on research - studying the behavioral ecology of insect societies, with a primary focus on mechanisms of honey bee queen behavior. He also teaches undergrad and graduate level entomology courses and coordinates beekeeping workshops in Basic Beekeeping, Queen Rearing, and Bee Breeding for the NCSU Apicultural Program. Finally, he is also the coordinator, director, and content manager of the new Beekeeper Education & Engagement System (BEES). The BEES network offers a variety of online beekeeping mini-courses for beekeepers at all levels.



NWJBA Constitution & Bylaws Change - ADOPTED

The proposed Constitution and Bylaw change was reviewed and adopted at the Dec 2017 Meeting.
Visit the Bylaws page to review the adopted version



Upcoming State Events

Some things to see and do!

NJBA Annual Winter Meeting

Save the dates for the 2018 Two Day Annual NJBA Winter Meeting.  Details of the agenda and speakers is posted on the NJBA website.  

Date: February 17 & 18, 2018
Location: Windsor Ballroom and National Conference Center - Holiday Inn Conference Center East Windsor NJ

Registration Link >

New Jersey Honey Show

Fall and winter are the best times to prep your honey and wares for the 2018 state honey show.  

Honey, candles, photos, and other categories proudly displayed in the state rotunda in Trenton.

February 2 & 3, 2018

The Officers of NWNJBA

Meet the officers of the NWNJBA.

Jim McCaulley is the NWNJBA President (second from right). Serving as first VP is Jim Schmalz (far left), J. David Waldman is the second VP (far right). Third VP is Paul Szmaida (4th from left). Barbara Hill (third from left) is our branch treasurer and Eda Schmalz (second from left) serves as the associations secretary.

In addition to the board, Mim Dunne serves as the Membership Chair and Bob Kloss oversees public relations. 

Honey Locator

Where to find local honey in your area

Looking for a source of fresh local honey?  Visit our honey locator web page to find out how to obtain local honey near you in New Jersey.

Hive Placement Requests

For those who want bees on their property.

We recieve many requests for hive placement offers on properties.  Visit to learn how to make a request and to see what is available.

Swarm Capture & Bee Removals

Working with someone to remove a swarm.

Information to identify a honey bee swarm and report it for collection and removal.  Services are also available for removal from structures.

Bee/Insect Identification

Identifying insects you'll encounter in NJ

How to tell if it is a honey bee or something else.  Learn about common insect types found in our area; their nesting habits and other information.

2017 Sept. Meeting Photos

Previewed the clubs topbar hive, discussed winter prep of the langs while removing the apivar strips.  Demonstrated how to do a post treatment mite count (alcohol wash). Stan Wasitowski showed us how to use hopgard and how to arrange the hive for winter. Mark Higgins demonstrated an OA vaporizer. Reviewed what was blooming - asters, goldenrod and bonset, to name a few. And there was a Flow Hive for preview. 

2017 Hunterdon and Warren Fairs

Case Residence Meeting - in the Rain!.  Thanks to Tim Schuler for making the trip.
Honey Extraction, Honey Judging, Apiary and Cathedral Hive review, and good food :-) Photos from Kevin Inglin

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