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NWNJBA Honey Princess Terin Weinberg 

NWNJBA Honey Princess
Terin Weinberg is NWNJBA's 2015 Honey Queen.  Terin is available for a visit to your area.  To learn more click here.

Who We Are

The NORTHWEST branch of the New Jersey Beekeepers Association is a regional organization of anywhere from 80 to 100 bee hobbyist and sideliners (less than 300 hives). Our members generally reside in the Hunterdon, Warren and Somerset counties but membership is not limited to this region of the state.

NWNJBA Scholarships Scholarship funds are available through the NWNJBA for youths interested in the Rutgers Extension Bee-ginner's beekeeping class. If you are interested in submitting a request, or know of a youth with an interest in beekeeping who would like to be considered, submit a two to three paragraph stating your general interest in beekeeping. Submissions can be sent to the NWNJBA President Bob Kloss by clicking this link.  If you have any questions, about the scholarship program please reach out to Bob via phone (on our contact page) or e-mail.

Resource Pages:
Small Hive Beetle
Jersey Fresh Program
Farmland Assessment
Winter Feeding Insight
Swarm Management
Bee Maladies

Video Features:
Products of the Hive
Bear Control
Mead Making

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BKCorner Hive Stand

BKCorner Hive Stand
  • Welcome to the Northwest New Jersey Beekeepers Association (NWNJBA) Welcome to the Northwest New Jersey Beekeepers Association (NWNJBA) We would like to welcome you to the home page of the NORTHWEST branch of the New Jersey Beekeepers Association.  We maintain this website to share information with both the public and our membership on the topic of beekeeping.  Here you can find the clubs schedule of events, educational resources, and how to contact the NWNJBA among other things. We thank you for taking the time visit our website and we hope that you find it a useful resource.
  • winter meeting NWNJBA February We'll have a special guest - John Gaut, to speak about insulating hives. Queen Castles, Fondant, Hive Making Jigs, and other items are on the agenda.
  • Fall Management NWNJBA Fall Management Guide We've prepared a management guide that will help you get your hives in good order for overwintering.
    Click Here to access the online guide
  • June Meeting New Jersey State Beekeepers Meeting - Tony Jadzak Annual Spring Meeting sponsored by NJBA, Nottingham Ballroom in Hamilton, NJ 8:30 am to 3:00 pm. Click here to register.
  • NJ Swarm Report Promotion Swarm REPORT Participate in the 2014 New Jersey Swarm Report. Tell us about your swarms in New Jersey. Click Here to Visit the Site >>
  • Bear Fencing Protect Against Bears We have two resources for you to consider. First up, a presentation from Michelle Smith of the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife. Check Here for that >. Secondarily we have a write up on Bear Preparations here...    Read More >
  • Mead Making Recap Meeting Mead Making Meeting Recap The Northwest NJ Beekeeper's Association hosted a meeting on Mead Making and products from beeswax (Lip balm, candles, and skin cream).  We shot some videos of the meeting and you check in on them here.
    Making Mead How To Video
    Beeswax Products(lip balm, hand cream)
  • For your Viewing and Listening Pleasure! For your Viewing and Listening Pleasure! There are plenty of websites on the internet that provide beekeeping videos and audio in this feature we'll share some links to several resources for you to consider. Click here. to see the recommended lists.

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March 2015 Meeting Announcement ImageNWNJBA March Meeting
We are planning for the March meeting and will have more information to share shortly.  The meeting is tentatively scheduled for the weekend of March 21st and we are looking to secure avenue.

Dr. David Gilley
We will have a guest speaker, Dr. David Gilley from William Patterson University.  The preliminary plan for his talk will be to discuss the colony dynamics that lead to swarming so that you can understand what is going on and how to take meausures to ward off having your colony fly away.

In addition our own Charley Ilsley will be covering insights about the tactics to take action inside the hive.

 Alcohol Wash Mite Shaker Maker Session
NWNJBA 1st VP Jim McCauley is going to lead a hands on session during the meeting to create a Varroa Mite Alcohol-Wash Shaker.

We will probably have  a few other odds and ends to add to the program and will have a short business meeting.

State Meeting Planning Kickoff

NWNJBA will be hosting what will be the first of several planning meetings for the June state meeting that we will be hosting.  Please come to join us if you can on Friday February 27th - 7pm, in the cafeteria at the North Hunterdon High School - Route 31 in Clinton Township NJ.  If you can attend please RSVP to nwnjba@live.com.

February Meeting Recap

John Gaut Presentation
We would like to extend our thanks once more to John Gaut for his presentation on hive insulation and monitoring - and the ABF conference recap.

Unfortunately a technical problem will prevent us from posting his presentation in video form but he has graciously provded his presentation for our members.

Queen Castle Presentation
This presentation hits the highlights of what a queen castle is and why you would want to use one.

Fondant Presentation
Bob Kloss presented on how to make honey bee fondant.  The recipe is based upon a video source from DC Honey Bees on YouTube.


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