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Northwest New Jersey Beekeepers Association

A branch of the New Jersey Beekeepers Association serving Hunterdon and Warren Counties

Welcome to the Northwest New Jersey Beekeeper's Association

We are dedicated to promoting the general interest in the support of bee culture.  Our branch, made up of 100+ members primarily serves Hunterdon and Warren Counties.  We are one of the ten branches of the New Jersey Beekeepers Association.



Warren County Farmers Fair

Our annual outreach at the Warren and Hunterdon County Fairs
is right around the corner.  Warren is starts on the last week of July in 2017.

Stay posted at our website and via our mailing list for how to volunteer, participate in the honey show and see the daily schedule.  Due to the amount of effort required for these public outreaches and honey sales we do not host monthly meetings in Jul or Aug.  That being said, the fair is an amazing place to network with the public and beekeepers alike.  

Warren County Fair - July 29th through August 5th, 2017

Hunterdon County Fair - August 23rd through August 27th, 2017

Honey Show season is here!

State Apiarist Tim Schuler was the guest speaker at the 'rainy' NWNJBA late June meeting.  Take a listen to his sage wisdom and advice as told by a honey judge.  Tim has a great candor and there's certain a few funny stories and anecdotes to go along with important tips for how to win the blue ribbon in honey judging.



The Officers of NWNJBA

Meet the officers of the NWNJBA.

Jim McCaulley is the NWNJBA President (second from right). Serving as first VP is Jim Schmalz (far left), J. David Waldman is the second VP (far right). Third VP is Paul Szmaida (4th from left). Barbara Hill (third from left) is our branch treasurer and Eda Schmalz (second from left) serves as the associations secretary.

In addition to the board, Mim Dunne serves as the Membership Chair and Bob Kloss oversees public relations. 

Honey Locator

Where to find local honey in your area

Looking for a source of fresh local honey?  Visit our honey locator web page to find out how to obtain local honey near you in New Jersey.

Hive Placement Requests

For those who want bees on their property.

We recieve many requests for hive placement offers on properties.  Visit to learn how to make a request and to see what is available.

Swarm Capture & Bee Removals

Working with someone to remove a swarm.

Information to identify a honey bee swarm and report it for collection and removal.  Services are also available for removal from structures.

Bee/Insect Identification

Identifying insects you'll encounter in NJ

How to tell if it is a honey bee or something else.  Learn about common insect types found in our area; their nesting habits and other information.


Cathedral Hive - Thanks to Rick Knecht for showing everyone his new cathedral hive at the June meeting.  Good luck with it Rick!
Our ARNIA hive monitoring system is up and running.  We are getting acclimated to using and did the initial preview at the June meeting.  Look for email updates from the association on getting access and following along.

June 17th, 2017 Meeting

Case Residence Meeting - in the Rain!.  Thanks to Tim Schuler for making the trip.
Honey Extraction, Honey Judging, Apiary and Cathedral Hive review, and good food :-) Photos from Kevin Inglin

Some photos from the June Field Meeting

Photo from Kevin Inglin

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