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May Meeting 5/20 HCHS

Join us Friday May 20th, 7pm, for a session on Bee Friendly Plants and methods of queen rearing.  The meeting will be hosted in the Hunterdon Central High School Upper School Cafeterias (by the tennis courts, not the one we met at in April). 

Jim McCaulley is our featured speaker and he brings a vast knowledge of plants and will marry that with beekeeping to tell you what plants to look at for your yard and local area.  In addition we'll be covering the basics of the queen rearing methods and techniques for raising queens in your own yard.  Spring is in full bloom and beekeeping is in full swing so we'll also take any questions that you might have and set you up for summer management.

Member J. David Waldman has done an extensive look at hive monitoring systems and we'll also be discussing the options to purchase a system for NWNJBA.

Meeting Particulars:

Date: Friday May 20, 2016
Location: Hunterdon Central High School Cafeteria 173 (Upper School)
Time: 7pm to 9pm


Directions to location of the cafeteria on the HCHS  Campus:

Approaching from Route 31 heading North
- Drive 31N toward Clinton and pass the main entrance of the high school.  Take the next right onto Junction Road.  Turn Right into the first parking lot and park in that parking lot. 

Approaching from Route 31 heading South - Drive 31 south to Walter Foran Blvd. Turn Left onto Walter Foran Blvd.  Off of Walter Foran Blvd. make the first right onto Junction Road (just past the Wal-Mart entrance which is on your left).  Proceed .5 miles and turn left into the school parking lot that has its entrance when the road begins to curve.

Upon entering the parking lot you'll see tennis courts to your right.  Adjacent to the tennis courts is the building you want to enter. Look for signs or someone waving you in!

NJSwarm Report

Have you been following the New Jersey Swarm Report?  It's been a very active year.  Follow the action at and if you see a swarm, please report it.



Spring Schedule

Our 2016 Calendar has been posted.  Visit our calendar page to see what we have on tap for you this year.  Here is the preliminary view of the first half of the schedule.

bullet May 20th | Hunterdon Central High School
Bee Friendly Plants, Queen Rearing

bullet June 18th | Ringoes Kirkpatrick Church
Hands On, Top Bar, Warre Hive, Varroa Mites, Splits

 bullet July 30th | Warren County Fairgrounds
Warren County Farmers Fair

bullet Aug 24th | Hunterdon County Fairgrounds
Hunterdon County 4H & Agricultural Fair



Membership Renewals

It is time for the annual membership renewals. Please complete your renewal by clicking this link.  Here you can print the document and mail it in to the address of our branch treasurer.

 Please take the time to renew early, it really helps out administratively! 

Facebook - Daily Posts

Our plan this year is to post an article a day. Each day we'll comb the web for something to share with you. Check out a Facebook page at:


Beekeeping Training

Check out our Beekeeping Education page if you are looking to get a start in beekeeping in 2016.  You can also check out our Getting Stared in Beekeeping Guide.


 Swarm Trap Jib

Preview of a Hive trap and raising/lowering Jib to place hive traps into a tree.

 Making Lip Balm

How to make Mocha Mint Beeswax Lip Balm.

Alcohol Wash

New Jersey State Apiarist Tim Schuler demonstrates why to use this for mites.

Almond Bread

NW President Kevin Inglin shows you how to substitute honey for Sugar in this recipe.


 Stiles Apiaries

Grant Stiles talks about beekeeping sustainability with Nucleus Colonies.

Gardner Apiaries

Mike Gardner from Gardner Apiaries on the Package and Queen Business.


NWNJBA Gadget Garage

Visit our gadget garage.  This is a collection of different equipment items and techniques that you can use for beekeeping. Swarm devices, waters, hive stands and more.
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Youth Scholarships

The New Jersey Beekeepers Association offers scholarships to youth who have an interest in beekeeping. If you would like to know more about the program click the link below
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The NJ Swarm Report

What is the New Jersey Swarm Report? Visit the page to see information about swarms being reported all over NJ. More information is available at the website.

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View the latest Northwest Buzz NWNJBA Newsletters and preview our newsletter archive. The newsletter is released quarterly.
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