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Warren County Farmers Fair

Information about NWNJBAs participation in the Warren County Farmers Fair.

2017 Warren Farmers Fair

July 29 to August 5th

Warren County Fairgrounds

Gates Open at 11 am from Saturday July 29 to Saturday August 5, 2017. On select days and for your enjoyment some of the local clubs have shows that begin prior to our official open times. Exhibit buildings, vendor booths, food stands open by 12 noon. Download the schedule here.

Questions about participation can be directed to fair chairman Greg Blackwood (908-763-6275), and committee members Charles Ilsley (908-227-5683) or Alice Casey (908-797-9217). 

If you are participating as a volunteer, fair passes are available.  Contact any of the committee members above to make arrangements.

See the directions information below for information on where to park.  


Address (for GPS)

1350 Strykers Rd, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865

Click this link to visit the fair's website directions page.

NWNJBA Participants, It is recommended that you drive behind the fairgrounds and park in the back parking lot.

There are two ways to do this.  If coming from Route 22 proceed past the main fairgrounds entrance and make a left onto Styrkers Road.  The other option is to turn just before the fair on Belview Rd and then make a right on Strykers and come in from the other side.

Fair Parking and Entry


You can park in the front but we recommend that you park in the back parking lot.  See the image to the right for details.  It is on the corner of Belview an Stryker roads.

The back (side?) gate entrance is there and we inform the person in the gate of arrivals of NWNJBA volunteers.


Not sure of the name of the building but the NWNJBA booth is in the building indicated on the map to the right.  

Participating in the honey show. Some instructions for participants:

  • Show entries can be delivered directly to the fairgrounds by Sunday of the fair.  
  • Judging takes place on the first day of the fair so no late entries are accepted. 
  • Please be sure that your entries are packaged well for transport
  • If you cannot make it directly to the fair to drop off your entries there are options to drop them off with members ahead of time.  These members will take your entries to the fair on your behalf.  The following members will assist: Greg Blackwood, Charles Ilsley, Bob Kloss, Jim McCaulley, Stan and Fran Wasitowski.
  • Please make sure that arrangements are made to promplty pick up your entries at the end of the fair.
  • As you pick up your entries be sure to pick up your score cards.
  • Questions about participation or the fair in general can be directed to Fair committee members Greg Blackwood (908-763-6275), Charles Ilsley (908-227-5683) or Alice Casey (908-797-9217).  

2017 Warren County Farmers’ Fair Honey Show Rules and Regulations 

1. Honey must be produced by a paid member of the NJ Beekeepers Association.

2. There may be only one entry per class, per membership.

3. Entries may be delivered to a chairperson or board member by Sunday of the Fair. No late entries accepted. See website for further info.

4. Exhibits may be removed from fairgrounds display on the last day of the Fair.

5. Place no label on any entries.

6. Mead products must contain honey produced by entrant.

7. Queenline and Gamber jars only, metal or plastic lids accepted. 


1. 3 one pound extracted – light

2. 3 one pound extracted – light amber

3. 3 one pound extracted – amber juices

4. 3 one pound extracted – dark

5. Section honey, cut comb

6. Creamed honey, 3-- one pound jars

7. Chunk Honey

8. Frame of Honey

9. Mead – Dry

10. Mead—Sweet

11. Mead –Made with fruit juices

12. Mead – Sparkling with/without fruit

13. Block of beeswax , one pound

14. Novelty beeswax

15. Beeswax tapers

16. Novelty beeswax candles

17. Hand Cream/lotion

18. Soap

19. Lip Balm

20. Photography

Honey entries will be judged on the following basis:  

Analytical – Moisture Content (%)----------------------------------------Possible Point

• 15.5 to 17.0 --------------------------------------------------------------20 points

• 17.1 to 18.0---------------------------------------------------------------18 points

• 18.1 to 18.6---------------------------------------------------------------15 points

• Greater than 18.6---------------------------------------------------------0 points 

Quality--------------------------------------------- -----------------------------Points Possible

• Absence of defects, e.g. wax, lint, foam etc.--------------------- 20 points

• Flavor--------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 points

• Aroma--------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 points

• Clarity (dirt, hair, pollen, air bubbles, etc.)-------------------------------- 20 points

• Container appearance and cleanliness--------------------------------- 10 points

• Uniform fill----------------------------------------------------------------10 points

Total Points----------------------------------- 100 points